Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Atlas of Anatomy

Public art commission (2013)
UCSJ, Campus Roskilde, Denmark
Silkscreened images and text on 300 m2 glass walls
Artist’s book published by Revolver Publishing
In collaboration w. Henning Larsen Architects,
graphic designer Anni’s, and poet Mette Moestrup
Commissioned by The Danish Arts Council

The public commission Atlas of Anatomy is created for UCSJ, Campus Roskilde, an educational institution in Denmark that houses nursing, teaching, physiotherapy, social education and social work programs. Silkscreened on the building’s inner glass walls, the work consists of photographs of body parts of people at different ages and a cut-up text composed of medical, philosophical, and literary quotes about the body. The work is an abstract interpretation of the historical anatomical reference book, a journey through a collective body composed of many bodies and voices.

The commission is accompanied by an artist’s book, published by Revolver Publishing.