Incredible Creature

Installation (2009)
Wallpaper with projected text
4 min.
Dimensions variable

At the harbor in Copenhagen, two warehouses are among the few buildings whose names still refer to their colonial history: one was built for The Royal Greenland Trade Company to store whale meat and seal; the other was built for The Danish West India Company to store coffee, sugar and rum. Today, the warehouses house a sculpture collection and newly renovated apartments with harbor views, although the West India warehouse has preserved a “King’s Room,” kept intact from the colonial era. The room, in which the King overlooked the activities of harbor, is wallpapered in a pattern of the Caribbean guava fruit. In Incredible Creature’s assemblage of text and images, connections are made between past and present, the Caribbean and Greenland, colonial fantasies as embodied in frozen daiquiris and a giant sea serpent.