Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark. Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Dearest. I’ll be there on Sunday.

Postcard and sound installation (2009)
15 min.
Sound mix: Pejk Malinovski
Sound excerpt

In Dearest. I’ll be there on Sunday, 63 postcards tell a story of the town square of Roskilde (Denmark) and its visual depiction during the past 100 years. The postcards span from copperplates through black and white photographs and hand-colored prints to the color photographs of the present. The function as well as the representation of the square has changed over time, just as the personal messages reflect changes in language use and social conventions. The 63 postcards were collected from online auction sites and second hand book stores. They are installed horizontally and organized by their vantage point on the square, emulating a camera pan. In combination with ambient sound recordings, the detached text fragments from the postcards are interwoven into a polyphonic sound montage that fills the installation.