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Silver City Shades 

Dual screen video projection and wall text
Projection on the media facade of the MSU Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

The work takes as its starting-point Zaprude, a 1960s modernist apartment complex in Zagreb originally named “Silver City,” because of the aluminum, glass, and concrete materials out of which it was constructed. The colors of the facades were carefully designed by the artist Vinko Uhlik in collaboration with the architects. When the complex was built, a renovation of the facades was planned to take place some fifty years later, but due to the break-up of Yugoslavia and the subsequent transition period, this never happened. The state-owned complex was privatized, and now each owner is responsible for their own section of the facade. Silver City Shades is a visual montage reflecting on how changing political situations affect material life. The video component is a transforming geometrical composition based on photographs of Zaprude facades.