Emily Harvey Foundation, New York. Photo: Julie Nymann

The Sound of P’

Installation w. sound (2011-)
15 min.
Play expert
Sound in collaboration with Stefan A. Pedersen

Based on her study of the seismograms of a New Zealand earthquake in 1929, the Danish seismologist Inge Lehmann was the first to present evidence that the Earth consists of not two layers as previously believed, but three, with a firmer inner core. She wrote this in her famous 1936 article P’. Along with Lehmann’s scientific work, a number of more esoteric theses exist, proposing that the Earth is either wholly hollow or otherwise contains a substantial (inhabited) interior space.

For the installation, the curves of the seismograms have been transformed to sounds which are used in the installation’s acoustic universe; an homage to Inge Lehmann, or, possibly, a message from the inner Earth.